• Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Phone : 314-631-9905
  • Address : 729 Lemay Ferry Road, St. Louis, MO 63125


The Housing Partnership is a non-profit community development organization that assists low/moderate income households with funds to make needed repairs to their home.  The Home Repair Program has a limited service area and is ONLY available to low and moderate income homeowners in Lemay, Affton and Mehlville.

THP provides funds for quality, professional home repairs to low/moderate income homeowners who cannot afford necessary improvements needed to increase the health and safety of their home. Our goal is to help Lemay, Affton and Mehlville residents remain in their homes for as long as possible.

Lemay, Affton and Mehlville homeowners in need of assistance are encouraged to apply.  Please note that if you are a homeowner who has previously participated in the home repair program of  The Housing Partnership /Lemay Housing Partnership within the past 10 years, you are NOT eligible to participate in this current round of funding.  

Funding for this program is made available through a grant from the St. Louis County Port Authority.

Am I Eligible for the Home Repair Program?

Answer the following questions to help you determine if you are eligible for the Home Repair Program.

If you answer yes to the following questions, you may be eligible:

  1. Have you owned your home for at least 2 years?
  2. Is your home located in Lemay, Affton or Mehlville?
  3. Is your home in need of repairs for such things as code violations or safety hazards? Or, do you have problems with the HVAC, windows, roof, plumbing, or electrical wiring?
  4. Are your mortgage payments, real estate taxes and Home Owner’s insurance current?
  5. Is your household income considered low-to-moderate based on the St. Louis Area Median Income? For instance, a two person household with a gross annual income under $40,800 is generally eligible to participate.  Depending on the funding source, income guidelines are subject to change and you are encouraged to apply if you are unsure.

Six Easy Steps to Home Repair

  1. Contact THP at 314-631-9905 to learn about the funds that are available. If you are eligible to utilize the funds, THP will send you an application.
  2. Complete the application and return it and the required documents to THP
  3. Attend a one-on-one counseling session and a workshop may be required
  4. Schedule a home inspection with THP’s Construction Program Manager who will assist you with completing the bidding process with qualified contractors
  5. Upon approval and signing of contract for repairs, the home repairs begin
  6. THP and the homeowner perform ongoing inspections of the work, and THP provides funding to the contractor through project completion